The Creative Destruction of Medicine
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Congratulations to Dr. Eric Topol who was named #1 Most Influential Physician Executive in Healthcare, 2012 by Modern Healthcare.

“While others debate arcane legal points and the philosophical slippery slopes pertaining to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Topol instead writes about how ‘a propitious convergence of a maturing Internet, ever-increasing bandwidth, near-ubiquitous connectivity, and remarkable miniature pocket computers in the form of mobile phones’ are taking physicians and patients where no one has gone before.” -Modern Healthcare


Modern medicine is designed for groups. The interactions of drugs, patients, and diseases are unpredictableclinical trials are population based and do not account for personal idiosyncrasies, much less medical histories. In The Creative Destruction of Medicine, pioneering geneticist and cardiologist Eric Topol introduces a radical new approachby bringing the era of big data to the clinic, laboratory, and hospital. With personal technology, doctors can see a full, continuously updated picture of each patient and treat each individually. Powerful new tools can sequence one’s genome to predict the effects of any drugs, and improved imaging and printing technology are beginning to enable us to print organs on demand. Topol offers a glimpse of the medicine of the futureone he is deeply involved in shaping. Now in paperback.


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"The Creative Destruction of Medicine....offers an illuminating perspective on the coming digitization of health care."—Ron Winslow

For more on Eric Topol in the news, please visit the author page

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